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Bounce tales, perhaps the world's only game that was originally designed for the humble mobile phone, and from there migrated to the big world of computing. Usually, everything is exactly the opposite yes. Happy owners of the first color phones Nokia is well remembered that genuine delight that cause them are fun adventures of big-eyed red ball. Calling the game while in general were quite a rarity, their range was extremely limited, and the gameplay is very primitive. Not surprisingly, entertaining adventure ball named Bounce furor, because this game was much more interesting than simple ones racing or shooters. It offered the player to control the bouncy red ball to be honorably overcome all sorts of obstacles and clever passing collect various bonuses. During the passage of obstacles and challenges become more complex all the time and as a result, despite the apparent simplicity of the original, the game is so addictive that it wanted to play again and again. The game's popularity gained momentum, it was played on the school change, when traveling on public transport, in the breaks at work, and some very enterprising players chasing the ball sneak right in the workplace. Gradually, the game was improved, the developers created the all-new, more advanced modification, respectively, and increased the number of fans. Finally the time has come when the game has grown beyond the application to the mobile phone and the world was revealed to the computer version of bounce tales games online with the same legendary red ball in the lead role. The creators of the game's interface is much improved, adequately voiced levels of background music, have provided new opportunities for the ball, which he did not have before. Now he knows how to swim, to dive into the water, accelerate and break through the wall. Barriers have also become more complex and diverse, which is significantly enriched gameplay. At the moment, in addition to the classic version of the red ball adventure, there are many games universe Bounce tales, which are different from the original is not only the story, but also the genre. Arcade, puzzle platformers - all of them, of course, also in its own very interesting, but the true fans and connoisseurs of the game still prefer to play the old, time-tested, the original version of bounce tales, once upon a time created by programmers at Nokia .

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Flash game Bounce tales online

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